Our Team

The Magic Begins with Great People....and Furry Helpers.

Kirsten Schmidt - Office Manager

Kirsten is behind the scene responding to emails, fixing the website, booking appointments, and keeping the books.

Dog Therapists

Duffy and Georgia are known for their great listening skills, affectionate spirits, and sloppy kisses.  Available to join in on a counselling session at any time, these two calm anxieties and bring smiles to clients faces - of any age!


Duffy - a large pug...not a seal.

Bianca Kralj - Counsellor

Bianca joined the team in the fall 2017.  She was born and raised in Oshawa and has been involved with many local organizations including Pride Durham, Pride Toronto, the AIDS Committee of Durham, and Club 717.  She has a Masters degree in Sexology.

Bianca specializes in adult relationships, sexuality/gender issues, and sex therapy.  She explores these conversations with a holistic, sex-positive approach, encompassing sex, gender identify, roles, sexual orientation, fantasies, eroticism, pleasure, desires, beliefs, values, intimacy, and reproduction. 

Photo coming soon.....