Specializing in Indigenous & LGBTQ Wellbeing

Abuse, anxiety, depression, trauma....Happiness is possible!

By providing a warm and trusting space for individuals to explore and express their problems, we provide counselling & therapy to promote emotional acceptance, self-knowledge, and growth. The counselling process provides an opportunity for individuals to work towards meaningful and lasting change, fostering hope for the future.

Change is not a consequence of time, but through counselling involves learning how to cope with crisis, work through feelings of inner conflict, improve relationships with others, and develop a personal analysis. Moving forward occurs by addressing specific problems, creative problem solving, and making decisions.

Counselling to happiness!

Serving individuals virtually from across Ontario!

Psychotherapy with a Registered Psychotherapist is now a tax deductible medical expense!

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Phone: 289-979-7911

Email: office.chamberlain@yahoo.ca


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